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A car battery is an important component of your vehicle and the only thing that will start it. If you want to ensure that your car battery is in good condition, visit us at Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek to learn more about how we can help you choose the right car battery for your vehicle when it comes time for you to replace it. Below, you’ll find a few insightful tips about car batteries, so you can learn more about them and determine when you need to buy a new car battery in Hamilton, ON.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A car’s battery does not last forever and will need to be replaced. When will your car battery need to be replaced and how long it will last depends on many factors. Factors that can contribute to the lifespan of a battery include climate, temperature, humidity level and driving habits. To know how old your current car battery is, you can see its manufacturing date by looking at the battery itself. This should give you an idea of how old your car battery is and how soon you should be looking to replace it. On average, a car battery lasts anywhere from three to five years. With this information and knowing how old your car battery is, you’ll have a better understanding of when you will need to replace your current car battery.

Symptoms of a Dying Car Battery

As a car battery gets older, there are many things that can start to go wrong with it, including taking longer to start your vehicle and difficulty starting in cold temperatures. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your car battery, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it with a new one. There are a few other things you can look out for when trying to determine if and when you need to replace your car battery. View the things to look out for in a car battery below to really understand the symptoms of a dying car battery and when it needs replacement.

  • Corrosion around the terminals.
  • It’s been more than five years since you replaced your car battery.
  • Your car battery’s warranty has passed.
  • Some of your electrical systems aren’t working properly.
  • Your vehicle doesn’t start in cold weather.

Buy a New Car Battery at Parkway Nissan in Hamilton, ON

If you’re in need of a new car battery or want to have your current battery serviced or looked at by one of our professional technicians, please visit us by driving to 191 Centennial Parkway North in Hamilton, ON. You may also call our service department to speak with a knowledgeable representative to ask further questions and to learn more about any current service specials going on by calling 905-667-9001. We look forward to helping you with your car battery needs.

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