How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Overheating in the Summer?

Tips to Prevent Your Engine From Overheating

Tips to Prevent Your Engine From Overheating

With outdoor temperatures starting to rise and higher heat expected, now is the time to learn what you can do if your vehicle’s engine begins to overheat while on the road. Higher temperatures are a warm welcome to many of us, but your vehicle may is not a big fan of the increased heat. Something that can happen to your vehicle when the outside temperatures begin to increase is its engine can overheat. There are a few things you can do to help prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating in the summer and here, you’ll find the top five tips.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Engine From Overheating

  1. Keep an Eye On Your Engine’s Coolant Levels. Driving in the high temperatures of summer may cause your engine to get much hotter than normal. To prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating this summer, it’s recommended you keep a close watch on your coolant levels by frequently checking the temperature gauge.
  2. Keep an Eye On Your Temperature Gauge. The temperature gauge will give you insight into the temperature of your oil and engine. When driving in the summer, make sure you frequently check the temperature gauge while on the road to see if it’s getting too high as higher temperatures can cause your engine to overheat in the summer. If the temperature gauge gets too high, pull over and wait for it to go down.
  3. Flush Out Your Radiator. Before the heat of summer is in full swing, it’s recommended that you flush out your radiator to ensure that your vehicle has clean and fresh coolant. This will help keep your engine from overheating during the summer months when the temperatures are much warmer.
  4. Turn On Interior Heat. To help prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating this summer, you can turn on the interior heat and open your vehicle’s windows. This will help pull hot air out of your vehicle’s engine compartment and cool it down to prevent it from overheating.
  5. Schedule Automotive Service at Parkway Nissan. To help keep your vehicle’s engine from overheating, we encourage you to schedule an automotive service appointment at Parkway Nissan to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the summer heat.

If you want to get your vehicle ready for summer and prevent your engine from overheating, please contact the service department at Parkway Nissan. We can help make sure your vehicle is ready to drive this summer by flushing out its radiator and filling it up with fresh coolant. We hope to see you soon!

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