Does Your Car Need Summer Tires?

Rows of stacked tires

Importance of Summer Tires

When the temperature starts to heat up, it’s a great time to put summer tires on your vehicle. Having summer tires on your car will help deliver a variety of qualities that everyone wants and needs on the road. Summer tires are specially designed to use in warmer temperatures (above 7°C) and are made out of a rubber compound that can withstand hotter road temperatures. Keep reading to learn more about why your car needs summer tires when the weather gets warmer and why you should have them on your car.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have Summer Tires On Your Car

  • Summer Tires Provide Increased Levels of Grip. Having summer tires on your car when the weather gets warm will give your vehicle increased traction control on both wet and dry roads.
  • Summer Tires Provide Improved Stability When Cornering. With summer tires on your car, you’ll get increased stability when taking corners, which will give you better performance and safety.
  • Summer Tires Will Help Increase Fuel Efficiency. When driving with summer tires on your vehicle, you’ll get optimal fuel efficiency thanks to their specific tread design.

With summer almost here, now is the time to start shopping for summer tires for your car. At  Parkway Nissan, our professional service staff can help you find summer tires for your vehicle. Don’t wait too long as the temperatures are already starting to heat up. We look forward to helping you find a set of summer tires, so you can be ready for summer driving.

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