What are the Benefits of Having Winter Tires On Your Vehicle?

Benefits of Winter Tires

Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to ensure you have the right tires on your vehicle.  If you don’t have winter tires for your vehicle, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Snow tires are commonly referred to as winter tires, so the names mean the same. Winter tires are specifically designed for cold weather and for driving on snow-covered roads. Having winter tires on your vehicle can be one of the best things you can do to get it ready for winter driving. What are the benefits of having winter tires on your vehicle? Keep reading to find out why winter tires are so important when driving in the winter and on snow-covered roads and how they can help keep you safe on the road.

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Why Do You Need Winter Tires on Your Vehicle?

To help you drive more safely in the winter months, having the right tires on your vehicle is essential. Below, you’ll find some of the top reasons why you should have winter tires installed on your vehicle before the snow starts to fly.

  • Better Traction. When driving on snow- or ice-covered roads, winter tires will help improve your traction control and give you more confidence.
  • Excellent Braking. Thanks to their unique tread pattern and tread depth, winter tires can provide you with better braking when travelling on icy and snow-covered roads.
  • Improved Steering. Having winter tires on your vehicle when the roads are covered with snow can help improve your steering control.
  • Durable. Winter tires are made from a special rubber material that can withstand the cold temperatures of winter while also giving you a good grip on a cold road.

If your car, pickup truck or SUV is in need of winter tires and you want to get improved tire performance when driving in the winter, please consider visiting or contacting a tire specialist at Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek, today, to schedule an appointment.

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