Delightful Experience

Delightful experience all thanks to Mike Mcguigan.
When I think of a salesman who has his s*** together, I’ll definitely remember Mike. As my wife and I were looking to upgrade her current Nissan into a new lease, we were recommended to head to Parkway Nissan and specifically speak to Mike Mcguigan. Here is the reason why, my wife called and contacted Mike prior to our visit and he walk her through exactly what he had on the lot, and was very transparent in ‘to his best knowledge’ what value we would be able to get for our trade in on our current lease, advising best and worst case scenarios. After that discussion, my wife booked an appointment with Mike on a Saturday to come into the dealership for a test drive. One of my favorite parts of the experience happened as soon as we arrived. We went in to greet Mike and provide a driver licence for the test drive, and immediately were taken out to the car. Mike had the vehicle, keys and licence plate already prepared. He didn’t walk us around the lot to show us more SUV’s or available upgrades or some sports cars that we had no intention of purchasing. He knew exactly what we were there for and provided it with nothing short of “Taker for a good ride, make sure it’s right fit for you”. Our entire experience at Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek was nothing short of awesome thanks to Mike.