2024 Nissan Pathfinder Delivers Incredible Off-Road Capability for a Three-Row SUV

2024 Nissan Pathfinder driving off-road

2024 Nissan Pathfinder Off-Road Capability

Whether it’s a thrilling off-road experience you’re looking for in a new SUV or if you just want to drive a highly capable vehicle when driving on snowy roads, the Nissan Pathfinder is an excellent choice. This year, the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder in Hamilton, ON offers more off-road capabilities than ever before thanks to a long list of off-road features and an innovative four-wheel drive system that can get you through and over almost any type of terrain. Keep reading to learn more about the off-road capabilities of the new 2024 Nissan Pathfinder at Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek.

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2024 Nissan Pathfinder Off-Road Features

Go on the adventure you’ve always wanted to with the new 2024 Nissan Pathfinder three-row SUV. With the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder, you’ll have all the off-road features you’ll need to take on almost any type of terrain or road condition. With a 284 horsepower V6 at your disposal and plenty of torque, you’ll get quicker response times and enhanced control when driving off-road. Also helping the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder to deliver impressive off-road capabilities is its Drive + Terrain Modes which offer seven performance settings for navigating specific road conditions. Dial in the road condition you’re driving on by using one of these seven available Drive and Terrina Modes. View the seven Drive and Terrain Modes below.

2024 Nissan Pathfinder Drive + Terrain Modes:


  • Mud/Rut
  • Sand
  • Snow
  • Tow
  • Auto
  • Sport
  • Eco


2024 Nissan Pathfinder 4×4 System

Take on challenging road conditions with the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder’s highly capable Intelligent 4×4 system with traction assistance. The 2024 Nissan Pathfinder’s available Intelligent 4×4 system features direct coupling, which helps the driver steer with confidence in low-traction road conditions such as ice and snow. From driving on off-road trails to navigating snow and ice-covered roads, the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder is ready to help get you home safely.

If you’re interested in driving the highly capable 2024 Nissan Pathfinder in Hamilton, ON, please consider visiting Parkway Nissan of Stoney Creek, today. With just a simple phone call to the sales department, you can learn everything you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision. The sales team at Parkway Nissan will help you navigate the sales process and help you choose the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder trim level that is right for you and your family as well as your budget. We look forward to helping you find your new Nissan Pathfinder.

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