Why a Lease is Right for You

1. You love the new car smell.
We know. Who doesn’t like that new car smell or the look of the paint shining in the summer sun? Well, when you choose to lease, you will always be driving a newer vehicle. One lease is done, jump into another and re-invigorate your senses with that new car smell all over again.

2. You can use the lease payments as a write off.
Most entrepreneurs like to take advantage of tax write offs. A lease will generally afford you a greater write off – saving you more money!

3. You hate unexpected maintenance costs.
Lease, Finance or Cash, you will be responsible for regular vehicle maintenance. The benefits of a lease are that most leases run through the warranty period. Meaning most unexpected repairs will likely be covered under warranty (be sure to check warranty details when leasing, financing or buying with cash). This gives you more peace of mind as you run from the office to your house to grab the kids and then off to hockey practice.

4. More Vehicle for your money.
With a lease, you get to drive more vehicle for your money. For Example. Let’s say you have a budget of $450 per month. If you finance, you will be limited to a small number of choices because you are paying for the full amount of the vehicle. If you choose to lease, you are only paying for the part of the vehicle you actually use. This opens up a lot more in terms of vehicle choices and trim levels. More vehicle for your money.

5. You like options.
Well, a lease provides that for you. At the end of every lease, you have more options than if you had financed. You can choose to return the vehicle and walk away. You could lease a brand new vehicle (any model you like). You could finance a brand new vehicle (any model you like). Or you can buy the vehicle out and keep driving it (because you like it and named it Lilly). And the best part is the value (or buyout cost) of the vehicle is agreed upon when you first lease the vehicle – so regardless of what the market does, you know what it will cost to keep driving your vehicle.

6. GAP Protection.
Now we truly hope you never need to use this, but in case you do, it’s great to have. GAP Protection insures that in the case of a stolen or written off vehicle, you will not be on the hook for the difference between what is owing and what your insurance company will pay out (you still need to pay the deductible). This is a standard feature on every lease we do and is included at no additional charge.

7. No tax on the interest.
We have yet to meet anyone who likes to pay taxes. One of the benefits to a Nissan Lease is that you do NOT pay upfront taxes. The tax is added in monthly – meaning you are not paying tax on interest charges. Sure, it’s not thousands of dollars saved, but every little bit counts.