Mother’s Day Giveaway

“I am going the distance for my mother, Diana Hill. Even before I was born she went the distance and wanted to adopt me. Then I got sick with Lupus when I was 13. My life, our lives were changed forever. I spent many days and months in hospital due to illness and my Mom was there holding my hand through it all. Wiping away my tears and enduring my fears and my pain right along with me. She would stay with me in hospital over night whenever she could and still managed to keep working full time as an ESL elementary school teacher for children who’s first language wasn’t English. She has been giving and going the distance her entire life and it’s time she gets something in return. She has always made sure I had whatever I needed no matter the cost both financially and physically. She has had the same car since 1991 and it’s on it’s last legs and she is in need of a new car, so that she is able to keep being an amazing Mom who is there for me no matter what. I love her with all my heart and we have been through good times and bad and I hope that by entering her into this contest I can at least begin to show her how much she means to me. I have never been able to financially help her in any way, since I am on ODSP and my Mom is now retired. Thankfully my health has settled down in the last couple of years and I want her to be able to enjoy her golden years while being safe in a new car!! Please consider my Mom, my best friend Diana Hill for her many years of going the distance as being a worthy recipient.”

On May 13th, Diana and her family stopped by the dealership to pick up her new wheels from our GM, Grant!

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To watch the big contest reveal, visit:

Congrats, Diana! Enjoy your Rogue – you deserve it!