Back To School Lunch Ideas

Our followers have given us some great school lunch ideas! Take notes and try some of them yourself!!! 

kristina.landry: “Nothing beats some nice warm soup with crackers, a juice box and of course a note from mom”
planet0409: “Hard Boiled Eggs, Baby Carrots with Ranch, Pretzels, and Applesauce.”
eveyliang: “Themed lunches for all occasions! Make cookie cutters your best friend for fun sandwiches, muffin liners for dividing small snacks and treats and of course a note on a playing card so by the end of the year you have a deck of notes and jokes to keep as a memory keepsake of a fun school year.”
ballerina242: “Turkey lettuce and tomato wrap with ranch, apple slices, blueberries, and a homemade cookie!”
Jenn Linfoot Deans: “Charcuterie to go for everyone! Get Bento style boxes with multiple compartments. Grapes, crackers, cheeses, cut up meats, veggies and dark chocolate. Pack 5 on Sunday night and stack in the fridge for the whole week! Quick, easy and delicious.”
 Amanda Masters: “My kids love homemade muffins, granola bars and leftovers. Yes, they actually love hot leftovers over sandwiches. Get them to prepare and chances are the lunch bags will come home empty.”
mrsnevin: “Crackers, lunch meat, cheese, then adding in a fruit/veggie. Celery, baby carrots, bell peppers, strawberries, and bananas are our go to!”
 k8.mama2: “Homemade pizza lunchable! I use a cookie cutter + naan bread for a fun shape for the crust, then add in sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperonis! Our favorite fruits to add in to any lunch is watermelon, apple slices, and blueberries! Cucumbers and baby carrots are quick go to veggies also. I typically throw in some fruit snacks or a mini candy bar for a little treat also & love making my kiddos a lunch they love and have fun with!”
ksanford96: “My favorite lunch for the kids is turkey + cheese pinwheels, strawberries, cucumbers+hummus, and a cookie for dessert! So easy for them to have easy finger foods while staying nutritious.”
margosentries: “Sliced carrots and celery, sliced thin so they are bite size, perfect for lunches and don’t forget the dip got to give them a little dip to go with it.”
anscrming: “Get the kiddos making their own lunches as young as possible. More chance they’ll eat what they picked/prepared.”
madatrich: “When I make lunches, I make what my daughter likes and wants. There’s no one there to force them to eat. If they don’t like it, they won’t eat it. Her go to right now is a turkey & cheese sandwich.”
hezwes: “I have Tupperware with different sections and I give them different ingredients to build their own sandwiches, tacos or wraps. I figure if they have fun making it, they might actually eat it lol.”
halli cats: “Mini Subs made using a dinner roll perfect fun size, add lunch meats, lettuce, cheese any ingredients the kids like. Some cut up fruit, a homemade cookie and a drink. 🍎”📚✏️
Linda Carter: “Sit down and plan out lunches before grocery shopping. Prepare fresh snacks (fruit, veggies, dips, cheese cubes etc) ahead of time in the fridge. Then give everyone a few choices to help pack their lunches the night before. It makes the process a lot easier….☺️”
Marie Denise: “Shop on the weekend, and then make up your own portion control servings. Keep them all on one shelf or drawer in the fridge and pantry. Every morning, you just grab and go! Makes a huge difference for us!”
ellne123: “pb&j 🙂”
Janna Fraser: “Mind their health – whole grain bread, sliced oven-roasted meat instead of overly-processed cold cuts, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – also, even 100% unsweetened juice still has a high sugar content.”
Shirley Anne: “I like to make animal face sandwiches. Cut the bread in the shape of the animal’s head and attach eyes, nose, and smile using half grapes, berries etc.”
Ivy Choi: “A mixed bowl of seasonal fruit (e.g. strawberries), nuts, dark chocolate, dried cranberries, and spinach.”

We received so many wonderful ideas, thank you for your submissions!