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  • Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • What To Do If You're In A Collision

    There are so many things we want in life; happiness, good health, to prosper and enjoy life, plus many other things I’m sure. The same can be said about things we don’t ... Read More

  • CH-CHing! Sentra Giveaway!

    Its not every day you get to give away a car, but on June 24 we got to give away our 3rd car through CHCH and the CH-CHing! contests. First we gave away a Micra, then a gorgeous Rogue - this time it was a 2015 Nissan SR Premium! Grant Thompson drove out to Grimsby with ... Read More

  • Rebuilding Credit

    You just finished university and got offered a great job that is a 30-minute drive away – no public transport available. Time to get your first vehicle. Problem is, you have student loans, too many credit cards, and … bad credit. Don’t fret. There is a ... Read More